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Articles in general of Ifa.

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My Evolution Towards Iyanifa - ¡CALIENTE!  Fecha: 19 Ene 2007
  You may or may not remember me telling you I had gone to see a babalawo in February. That caused a bit of drama with a 'friend' apparently. He's still not talking to me because I went without discussing it with him, seeking his express approval and worse, choosing an African babalawo rather than his Santeria padrino and even worse, choosing to follow the guidance of someone he expressly dislikes, and worse yet.  

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Exercise Discipline - ¡CALIENTE!  Fecha: 19 Ene 2007
  Exercise Discipline
by Olokuntogun Ojedele

Spiritual discipline is the ability to control one’s actions, rather than have them controlled by other people and/or unpleasant spiritual entities. Spiritual discipline also applies to the means or techniques that we use to gain control over our actions. Discipline is defined as “Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior; especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.” In this way it is related to the Yoruba concept of ese, which means, struggle or self-help1. Discipline is also described as, “A branch of knowledge or teaching  

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IFA helps men and women in various ways. - ¡CALIENTE!  Fecha: 11 Oct 2006
  IFA helps men and women in various ways. The first way IFA helps man is through “Akosejaiye”. Akosejaiye is conducted at the birth of a new born baby. This is done by undergoing a special form of divination on behalf of the child in order to ascertain his future, uncover his dos and donts, and other important things in the child’s life. The result of a child’s akosejaiye ...  

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The Yorùbá Animal Metaphors: Analysis, ADÉS.O.LÁ O - ¡CALIENTE!  Fecha: 11 Oct 2006
  The Yorùbá Animal Metaphors: Analysis, ADÉS.O.LÁ O.LÁTÉ.JÚ Options ADÉS.O.LÁ O.LÁTÉ.JÚ University of Ibadan, Nigeria ABSTRACT The paper undertakes a study of animal metaphors in the Yorùbá language with a view to highlighting the stylistic and communicative potentials of these metaphors. To achieve the set objective, the ...  

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American Ifa? - ¡CALIENTE!  Fecha: 11 Oct 2006
  American Ifa? Ifadoyin Sangomuyiwa How American should the practices of Ifa become? Does a Tradition whose genesis is in sub-Saharan Africa have relevance in the other parts of the world without going through drastic metamorphosis? As the practices of Orisa and Ifa continues to grow at a fast pace in the United States, these becomes a critical questions. In the United States we have begun to see the re-interpretation of Ifa through a set of lenses that in many instances are fogged with ignorance (in some cases bigotry.) Examination of any sacred technology can only be healthy when executed from a point of education and understanding – a general lack of grasp beyond fundamentals will provide a flawed evaluation.  

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