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The Journey of Destiny:Ori
The Journey of Destiny

 The Journey of Destiny: Or



The single most important and guiding concept in If andrs worship is the concept of ones destiny and Or. It upon the base of Or that we build the journey that is this lifetime. One realizes early in the study of If that Or must be sought out, understood and propitiated on a regular basis. Unfortunately the concept of Or is often not fully realized and certainly, in the Diaspora, the least worshipped and propitiatedrs in our pantheon of divine entities.

In order to fully appreciate why we must worship and as course propitiate our Or/destiny, we must first understand the nature and role of Or.

So what is Or? When talking about Or we are often referring to a complex that is fundamentally important to the life that we each live. Although by inference Or would seem to be a singular entity, there are in fact three distinct parts of our inner being that are important as we travel through this life.

The first among the constituent parts of our inner spiritual being that is important is what many understand as destiny. Each of us prior to coming to earth chose a destiny while kneeling before Oldmar. This destiny that we chose is called or alswy id and is what most of us understand as the rs Or. The choice that we make becomes intimately entwined with and part of the complex of our inner constellation. We carry this with us in our journey to earth and this more than any being is our guiding energy in life.

The riddle of Or is that it seems to be a choice yet in the same instance is a deity, an emanation of Oldmar and thereforers. It is in this paradox that we realize that so important is our chosen journey that it has been created as an rs to each individual. In fact, our Or is the single most important rs in our life. It becomes impossible to separate the individual from the choices they made in heaven, their Or and the life that they are living here on earth.

Given the above, we understand Or is rs. As a matter fact every person's Or is regarded as their own personal rs who is more interested in our own personal affairs and sojourn here on earth than any other rs. rs belongs to everyone, Or belongs only to the individual.

Prior to making our journey to earth, we had to choose a head to go with our or alswy d. The head is referred to simply as or. This component is also a part of our destiny and is the receptacle of Or (or alswy d.) Some of us pick a head that is good and some us pick a head that is ill formed. The choice of a head is made at the home of jl and like Or, will be with us for our entire journey here and in many ways will affect our success. The choice of a good head will enhance our life while here on earth and conversely the choice of a bad head will inhibit.

Theses first two parts our inner constellation are choices that we make. The final component of our spiritual being is the Or In. This is our "inner head" or more properly our inner being. While our destiny and our head are chosen, the Or In is not. This is the part of us that we carry through incarnations. in order to truly be successful in life, our Or In must be in alignment with our Or (sic or alswy d.)

Many of us go through our life not only seeking success but also seeking happiness. The pursuit of happiness seems empirical in nature, however, what escapes many is the intimate connection between happiness and destiny. If we understand a good (sic happy) destiny as only one being filled with abundance and ease, some of us may indeed fail in understanding the connection between happiness and destiny. It is the journey that becomes important, the fulfilling that becomes the focus rather than the end. There is no end there is only the journey. The final end can only be a place among the ancestors.

The above statement should not imply that we should not strive towards a life which has the better things, it is however to remind us that true happiness occurs when there is an alignment of our thoughts with that which our Or has in store for us. Life becomes purposeless when we work against our destiny. We demonstrate our resilience when we rise above the problems that face us on a continuing basis. We can face the difficulty of life by turning inward, by looking to our Or for guidance. It is when one ignores one's destiny that life seems becomes too difficult to live. One can be poor and happy, one can be rich and unhappy. The most egregious offense is to work against our own destiny or Or. Human destiny may be chosen in heaven but it is then given shape by our decisions here on earth. Success and happiness here on earth can be measured in our ability to live out our destiny.

So, how do we get in touch with our Or, how do we know our destiny and gain happiness? Those of us who are traditionalist understand that there are three modes of aligning with our Or that are equally essential. Firstly, we must daily recognize the existence of our Or. Upon waking our first act of the day should be to pray to our Or and give thanks for the new day. As a matter of course, we should put our hands to our head (again, the receptacle of our Or) and praise our own destiny/Or, the singular rs who will stay by our side through our entire journey.

As well as praising our Or on daily basis, it is also good to propitiate our Or occasionally. This is called br. While this is not the space in which to go deeply into the method of bor, a general understanding is good to have. The individual who is going to feed their Or should bath and be in a calm mental state. Preliminarily, they would b - offer prayer to Oldmar, their Or, the Irnmole and their ancestors. After paying homage to the deities, the Or is told what is being offered to it and ask that our Or In act in concert with our destiny. In the propitiating of Or, we present the offering to seat of the Or (the crown of thead), the Or In (through the navel) and to the Or of our ancestors (paternally through the big toe of the right foot and maternally through the big toe of our left foot). The person whose Or is propitiated should remain calm and without sexual activity for the rest of the day. Now it goes without saying, that it is always best to seek a qualified priest to perform bor (as it always best to have another pray for you.)

As well as praising and propitiating our Or, we should seek out the advice of If. We understand that in consulting with If we are in many ways consulting our own destiny. Ornml is eler pn - witness to all of destiny and was present when we chose our destinies in heaven. Given this we can understand how Ornml can guide us as to the wishes of our Or. He can tell us what is satisfying to our own destiny. It should be understood that not only should we seek the advice of If through a competent babalwo, but we must always perform the ebo that is prescribed.

Lastly, we must always act with good character (w). A man can have a good destiny and a good head, but without good character, all will come to naught. To take this a step further, those of us who have chosen difficult destinies and have not chosen the best of heads can enhance our lot through w. As a matter of fact, it is only by acting with good character and showing generosity to others that we can actualize our own destiny. While the control our character may seem to be the easiest of all our endeavors, many of us forget to act in such a way. A cool, compassionate and humble head can carry us a long way in life and is the third leg that will allow us to be in alignment with our destiny.

The many instances where Or is referenced in the corpus of If and which are certainly worth noting as a reference. In closing, I would like to quote one such ese which is reminds of the importance of Or, gnd Mj. It here we are entreated to how Ornml demonstrated to each rs, including himself, that they can not accompany their devotees to the end of their journeys. In the end it was only Or who would accompany one through the entire journey and it is because of Or that each receives blessing

B mo b lw lowo Or ni n r fn Or m, wo ni. B mo b bmo ly Or ni n r fn Or m, wo ni. Ire gbogbo t mo ni ly Or ni n r fn Or m, wo ni. Or pele Att nran Att gbe'ni k's K ss t d'ni gb leyn Or eni

If I have money, It is Or whom I will praise, My Or, it is you. If I have children on earth, It is Or whom I will praise, My Or, it is you. All good thing that I have on earth, It is Or whom I will praise, My Or, it is you. Or I salute you You do not forget (your devotees) You bless before the other rs No rs blesses Without the consent of Or.

Ifadoyin Sangomuyiwa



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