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Oshun and African Women
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Osun Brings Healing to African Women

Osun, the Mother of Abundance, blesses all who came before her with her powerful healing waters presence, the attendants were graced with the spiritual drumming of Olufunmilayo, Akan priestess and master drummer. As well as the drumming of Olufunmilayo, there was the Ifa Temples own Ogunbayo Aloyinlapa, master bata drummer who worked the crowd into a frenzied and joyful mood as they celebrated the gifts of Osun. Singing and dancing marked the festival and many people reported sharing a feeling of joy. The evening culminated in good food, including traditional Egusi stew, iyan (pounded yam), fried plantain, and traditional Liberian spinach prepared by the tasty hand of Mama Tunde Akinyele, Chief Priestess of Ile Ise Ejiogbe Ifa Temple. Lively conversations abounded as the celebrants basked in the glow of Osuns radiance. Osuns festival ended with a closing prayer and well wishes for all.


Ase! Ase! Ase!


The Story of Osun

Mother of Abundance, Healer of African Women


In the beginning, before the lands when the world was a mass of water and sea, Olodumare, the Great Creator, who sits up high in heaven and the sky, sent his children, the Irunmole to create the earth. He sent Ogun. He sent Obatala. He sent all of his children and last but hardly least, He sent Osun. They were all prepared to do their work. Osun asked, What do you want me to do? They laughed. Now everyone was wondering, What is Osun doing here? This is mens work. See how small and young she is. Certainly, she cannot help us. What is she doing here? Osun waited. So, the Orisa all proceeded to do their work. They commenced lifting, building, hemming, hawing, huffing and puffing. They worked long into the night and patted themselves on the back for their hard work. However, unbeknownst to the other Irunmole, Osun, the wise mother that she is, proceeded to take her matter directly to Olodumare.


Ki ni mo se? She implored to Olodumare. What have I done? I went to earth only to help and they cast me aside. E jowo. Please help me? Olodumare replied. Ha! Do not worry. You are a mother, the original mother. They can do nothing without you. Does your womb not produce life? Beni


Osun responded. Well, then just wait. They will be begging for your help. With that Osun strapped her child to her back and was on her way.

The next morning Osun and the 400 Irunmole arrived for another day of work. Again, Osun asked to help. Again, the other Irunmole laughed. However, their laughs of humor quickly turned to yells of incredulity.

YEEEEEEEEEEE! They cried. Everything was spoiled. The tools broken, their work dashed. Everything was turned upside down. The mountains they had worked so long and hard to make were now mud. The grass was so much fodder. Come, one said. Let us go. This is just a one-day thing. Let us begin anew. We are Irunmole. We are strong. Nothing can stop us. Again Osun asked to be included. Again, she was refused. This scenario went on for several days. Each day became more flabbergasting than the first. Finally, the Irunmole had had it. Enough was enough. They appealed to the Owner of the Sky. We plant the crops, the crops fail, the mountains turn to mud, and oh the bickering. Olorun was thoughtful. He said, Did you ask Osun? Osun? Who was Osun? They had to pause for a minute. Finally, it dawned on them who Olorun was referring to. Her! They exclaimed. How could she help them? They were strong. They were powerful. She was a woman. Olodumare simply replied, She is your mother. The Irunmole were humbled. With grace and charm, Osun, appeared, tied her baby to her back and led the way back to Earth with the powerful Irunmole in tow. Henceforth, whenever there was work to be done the Irunmole always made sure to propitiate their mother and all was right with the world.

The moral of the story is: Man can do nothing without Woman!


Osun is an Aje, a powerful mother. She makes life worth living. She is one of the original 401 Irunmole who came from heaven to earth. She is also the only female Irunmole. As, such she holds tremendous power. She has her own Ase that comes directly from Olodumare. She turns losses into gains. She overcomes negativity with beauty. Osun is hard working. Among her titles are Osun Alade Okin (She who wears the fanciful crown of peacock feathers) and Osun Seegesi (Osun the owner of the beaded comb). Osun makes life worth living.

African Card




Volume 1, Edition 4 August 2001

Bringing the Wisdom of IFA to Improve Our Daily Lives

The Spirit of Osun



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